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Al-Rakhim has been defeated, what now for the Rising Gods?

The God-King Alrakhim has been defeated, killed by the Adventurers Guild on his own territory. Fighting to protect their own rising Gods and seeking vengeance against the power that killed Jonah, the Adventurers Guild have returned from Arabi victorious. Aided in their fight by both the Death and Life Crusades, they had faced another evil and the bards will tell the tale. But what now? The story is never so simple, they have angered the Dark Lord Kesoth by stealing his play thing, and his influence (or another hand) has turned Guild members on each other. With a vengeful God against them, how can the Adventurers ever hope to protect their new Gods long enough for them to ascend? Where will the dissipate power fall? Will everyone live to see another summer or will hearts turn to darkness to win? As the young Gods continue to rise, the fight continues, but it seems now it may be amongst themselves.