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Behold! BEHOLD! The blog of Guthlac the Old!

Ho there, young persons!

I suppose you all thought I was dead. Well, actually, I don't suppose you were thinking about me at all. After all, I haven't graced the guild's rather prone to structural displacement hall for some years. Also, I'm the keeper of the Shrine of Birth in the Dwarven Realms, and since dwarves don't tend to do much for their birthdays as a whole, I'm kept busy lighting candles on their behalf. I'm a priest of the Lady of Life, you see.

I shall write more once I've had a nap. I'm very old, even for a dwarf, and I tire easily.

Until next time, KHAZAD!

- Guthlac Vargnokkr Hammrleif, 'the Old'