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Fear of the Dark

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Kenshiro wrapped the bandages around his bruised and bleeding knuckles, feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, but no closer to a state of calm now than he was before he had reduced half a dozen trees to kindling. He found no peace in meditation, and unsurprisingly gained no satisfaction from violence.

All the months he had spent examining the possibilities for crafting a new Spell had come to nothing, for his fear had prompted him to lock all of that research away when the time came to complete it. A Spell that could warp the flow of time and undo any single event. A Spell that could have saved Jonah's life. But the fear that such power may corrupt him, draw him along the same path that other Necromancers walked so readily, had moved him to abandon that Spell. At the time he had felt that it was the right thing to do.

Jonah is dead, the words echoed in his mind. You could have prevented this.

In time, that abandoned Spell could have saved countless lives. Granted, it was likely that only Kenshiro would have remembered that those lives had ever been in danger, but the point was to save lives because it was right; not for recognition. Fear had taken hold, though, and terrible visions of what such power may have done to him had changed his mind.

You are still afraid, the voice said. His own voice, perhaps. If you cannot overcome your fear, you do not deserve any power.

There was only one way he knew of to overcome this doubt; something his Sensei had told him...

"Gaze into the Eye of the Abyss, and you will see That Which Is Not staring back at you. Confront it, and all that remains shall be Truth."

Even the longest journey begins with a single step, as the path to enlightenment begins by knowing of one's own ignorance. Kenshiro knew that he was afraid because even now there was much he did not understand. Wherever his journey would now take him, he knew that every step was necessary, and the goal was vital. No matter how far he had to go, or what he had to do, he would master his fears. He would understand. And he would realise his true purpose.