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An artist's work

OC - May be unsuitable for some of a gentle disposition.

Dane leaned back content.

Running away

Why was it always Boralis? In the space of a week she'd attacked him twice. No matter how much she tried to claim she was under magical influence both times, she still picked him. Forgiveness may be a virtue, but she was starting to suspect that there was a lingering problem with his actions of the previous autumn. When he was obviously suffering with what he had done she could be the voice of reason, but somewhere in the back of her head was Solustaran's voice, one day he will think that it doesn't matter.


Eleri grew up in the midest of her clan, skilled with a bow, agile and athletic, she was naturally drawn towards her clan war band. Spending her days in training, scouting missions and raids against the local clans, and her evenings with her family and friends, life treated her well.

Behold! BEHOLD! The blog of Guthlac the Old!

Ho there, young persons!

I suppose you all thought I was dead. Well, actually, I don't suppose you were thinking about me at all. After all, I haven't graced the guild's rather prone to structural displacement hall for some years. Also, I'm the keeper of the Shrine of Birth in the Dwarven Realms, and since dwarves don't tend to do much for their birthdays as a whole, I'm kept busy lighting candles on their behalf. I'm a priest of the Lady of Life, you see.

I shall write more once I've had a nap. I'm very old, even for a dwarf, and I tire easily.

Until next time, KHAZAD!

Foreign Fields Southern Kit Fair

Hi everyone,

We thought we just drop a quick note to you to let you all know we will be (well.. practically.. sort of) in your ‘neck of the woods’ this coming weekend as we are trading at the Foreign Fields Southern kit fair in Bristol Saturday and Sunday.

If you happen to find yourself at a bit of a loose end, do pop on by and say “hello”. Hopefully we will also be running our "Scrolls of Fortune" promotion over the weekend.

"Primal Forge Scrolls of Fortune:
Spend over £50 at the Primal Forge stand this weekend and pick a

Responsibility and Guilt

The night was late. The candles burned low as the whore pulled on her jacket and left the building, heading for the Temple and sleep. She had worked the night shift many times since arriving in Aberddu, and this pre-dawn darkness was one of her favourite times. The city slept - well, mostly anyway - and even though she knew all too well what dangers could lurk around every corner and in every alleyway, she nonetheless couldn't help but feel free and lighthearted; enjoying the late-winter air of early 1110. And yet, tonight was subtly different...

Fear of the Dark

Kenshiro wrapped the bandages around his bruised and bleeding knuckles, feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, but no closer to a state of calm now than he was before he had reduced half a dozen trees to kindling. He found no peace in meditation, and unsurprisingly gained no satisfaction from violence.

Lasia's (very sporadic) Diary

Page One:

"Oh Little Town of Aberddu"
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"Lady Melksham"
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Page Two:

"Little Goblins, Little Goblins"
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"Ten Green Goblins"
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"The Running Away Song"

Primal Forge 2009 Winter Promotion (ooc)

Hi to everyone at Aberddu Adventures. We hope you don't mind us posting here..

Primal Forge 2009 Winter Promotion

This is your chance to win £250 of LRP kit before the start of next year’s event season!

All you need to do is register an account on the Primal Forge site before 31st of December 2009, and all new accounts added between 6th of November and the end of the year will be added to a prize draw, with the winner receiving a £250 credit onto their Primal Forge account to spend as you wish*.


“If you had the chance, would you try to find her?”


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