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First Strike

Any problems with the new booking form, please contact me
Dates: 1st-3rd August 2014
Venue: Borwick Tavern, Newtown
Fees: Players £25 (in advance)
Monsters £5

VERSION 2 - 7th October 2010

Aberddu Adventures Version 2 will be officially in play as of 7th October
Realistically there are few actually practical changes - but we will be flagging up some of the more major alterations on here and on the warps boards
The Wiki will be updated soon, the rule book will be available for ordering and downloadable in pdf form in the next few weeks. Here's to the next 17 years...

Al-Rakhim has been defeated, what now for the Rising Gods?

The God-King Alrakhim has been defeated, killed by the Adventurers Guild on his own territory. Fighting to protect their own rising Gods and seeking vengeance against the power that killed Jonah, the Adventurers Guild have returned from Arabi victorious. Aided in their fight by both the Death and Life Crusades, they had faced another evil and the bards will tell the tale. But what now? The story is never so simple, they have angered the Dark Lord Kesoth by stealing his play thing, and his influence (or another hand) has turned Guild members on each other.

The Freetown Bridge Part 3


The world was full of cold and confusion when Iona woke again. The barn was buzzing with noise of busy people. Behind her, she recognised the voice the stout Quartermaster, cussing and muttering, and possibly banging something with a mallet.

The Freetown Bridge Part 2


The Freetown Bridge Part 1

- It should be noted that this is a work of fiction and doesn't accurately chronicle the actual events of Frisia: The Reckoning -

To Josephine, Freemonte and Derek, without whom there would have been no story.



High summer saw the guild take to the epic plains of Tartaria. Now the Fireborn have found their home, and have been reborn as the newest Tartar Clan: Phoenix. The adventurers have sacrificed much to help raise the Totem, and destroy the god-killer Magnamus. They have returned to Aberddu, and as Autumn becomes winter, life in the City State carries on. The Albion are still within the City Walls, the poor are still hungry. The guild have been granted access to the old guild building, and for once the Temples seem to be living up to their responsibilities.

THE SEIGE OF ABERDDU - The Night of The Pit Gate

An odd silence hung over the docklands. The massed clerics surrounded the edge of the circle, gazing to the heavens hopelessly as dark clouds drifted across the sharp white moon. In spite of all efforts, the bubble covering the site remained impenetrable. Echoes of a distance fight filtered through the quiet night, calling the priests back to the real world. Rumour was spreading fast through the city that the pit gate would open at midnight, and slowly reinforcements were trickling in.

Chronicle your tale

Using the drupal blogging features of this site, you can record your character(s) stories as they happen:

  • Click "blogs" on the sidebar
  • Click "my blog"
  • Click "Post new blog entry"
  • Write and post your story!

We'd like to encourage you to write your story in any style you like, from any perspective and embellished as you see fit - the only constraint is that they should be based on things that actually happened IC!

When your story is ready and posted, click "outline" to add it to "the book" - a collation of Aberddu stories.

Spend XP online

To save time on Guild Nights, I'm willing to let people spend XP/check character sheets online.

If you have a query about your character sheet, send me a private message with your name, your character name and what you want to know to wererogue. Send XP spending requests to the same place. I'll respond to everything as and when I get time, and anything I don't get around to can be dealt with at guild night.

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